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Midweek Masses will be centralised around 12.30pm. However the Tuesday Mass at St Edmunds will continue to be 10 minutes earlier during school terms to meet the school timetable. Wednesday Mass is unaffected at 12.30pm at Our Ladys. Thursday Mass at St Edmunds will be at 12.30pm when Fr. Edmund is celebrating but will continue to be at 9.15am when Msgr John Broadhurst is celebrating. Please retain your “Lantern“ each week or check the Parish Website.

Welcome to the Parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Father Edmund

Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Edmund Campion of Wellingborough in the Northampton Diocese.

Whether you are a parishioner, or a member of another church in our town, or are visiting this site from another part of the world, we hope that you will find here some expression of the life and mission of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Edmund Campion Catholic parish in Wellingborough. You will be warmly welcomed in our churches and by all our parish activities.

If you would like to know more or discuss any aspect of the Catholic Faith, please contact me, Father Edmund Worthy.

Father Edmund's Desk

We need the authority of the Church. We need the help that the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, is uniquely able to provide. Church teachings are the result of 2000 years of accumulated experience, across all cultural and national lines, adapted to new discoveries and technologies, enriched with twenty centuries of the distilled wisdom of countless philosophers, theologians, saints and mystics. We can't discern what we must believe and do in order to be saved by ourselves. And although the truth can never change - our way of understanding it does. Every new age needs new interpretation because every new age brings new circumstances. Any teacher will tell you that the same basic truth has to be explained differently at different stages of a child's development. Jesus taught in terms of the world of first century rural Palestine which His hearers understood. Although He came to redeem all people in every age, He brought a particular message to a particular people in their own particular circumstances, and then left it for those people on the message to the whole world and to all future generations - and we in our turn must do the same today.